Know The Farmer

  1. Hey there!

    I'm Farmer Tom Lauerman.

    I was born and raised in San Diego. I grew up surfing, skateboarding and downhill mountain bike racing which led me to a lifelong love of the earth and all things outdoors.

    I also grew up with a deep appreciation for cannabis. Because of it's miraculous healing ability for any of my sports injuries and it's relaxing proprieties,  it's driven my mission to ensure that everyone has access to this amazing plant's many benefits.

    I'm still a farmer with a passion for growing organic fruits/veggies and organic cannabis, as well as educating people on how to grow organically for themselves.

     The vision for our current lifestyle started back in 1999 after a raid of our Collective Garden where I was arrested for possessing 448 plants.

     Paula (my wife) and I had a common vision of a sustainable cannabis organic lifestyle. Eighteen years later here we are, sharing our vision with the world.

  1. We hope to continue educating future generations on organic farming and cannabis activism.

     I've assembled a world class team of marketing and sales professionals and the finest group of cannabis growers.

    You can join in by following me on social media or contacting me about coming to visit your farm!

    See you on the farm,
    Farmer Tom Lauerman

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