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  1. I have been a marijuana activist since the 1990s. I was arrested in 1999 for cultivating 448 Cannabis plants.
    It turns out that was the best thing ever; I met my wife Paula and here we are, fighting for marijuana rights by empowering the next generation with valuable education and consulting.

  1. Celebrating Legal Recreational Cannabis in Washington

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  1. Weed the People

    Read Farmer Tom's take on this summer's hottest strains and products.

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  1. Marijuana safety manual being developed.

    Farmer Tom is helping write the first ever Cannabis Industry Workplace Health and Safety Manual for Washington.

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  1. Standing up for medical farmers.

    See how Farmer Tom is standing up for medical marijuana farmers' best interests.

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  1. Farmer Tom speaking on NBC about supply, demand and profitability.

  1. Farmer Tom on Retail Pot

    Farmer Tom shares his thoughts on the transition to recreational marijuana.

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  1. Fighting the pot merger

    Farmer Tom gives his take on the changes Senate Bill 5052 (The merging or recreational and medical) puts in place.

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