1. The NIOSH Study

    In August 2015 Federal Government Scientists from the ‘National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’ (NIOSH) – the Industrial Hygienic Research Team for the ‘Center for Disease Control’ (CDC) — arrived, clip boards in hand, at ‘Farmer Tom Organics’ in Vancouver, WA for a three-day, midweek intensive to learn more about the Cannabis Industry as a prerequisite to the performance of the official first ever ‘Health Hazard Evaluation’ (HHE) scheduled to take place three months later in November 2015.

  1. Instruction consisted of emphasis on:

    • The Importance of Organic Methods for the Growing, Production, and Processing of Cannabis for the safety and health of both on-site employees and end consumers.
    • The Human Endocannabinoid System and Importance of Strain-Specific Cannabis flower processing for use in smoking, edibles, concentrates, and body care products. Discussed different biological effects and uses for Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and various Hybrid combinations.
    • Reduced Risk BHO Extraction - Closed-loop and Vacuum Purging Equipment;
    • Other Solvent and Solvent-Free Cannabis Concentrate Alternatives – Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol, CO2, Ice/Bubble Hash, Kief, Rosin, et al.;
    • Cannabis Industry Laboratory Testing Methods for THC, CBD, pesticide/fungicide residues, fungal infections, et al.; 
    • ‘Wet vs. Dry’ and ‘Machine Trim vs. Hand Trim’ - equipment and practice; 
    • Organic Soil, Fertilizers, and Amendments - differentiating between available products labeled ‘organic’; 
    • ‘Full Spectrum Cannabis’ - Greenhouse Propagation and Grow techniques for the Highest Quality and Yield of Medical Grade Cannabis for Everyone – significant increase in Quality, and decrease in electrical and chemical usage when compared to growing indoors.
    • Nitrogen packaging and sealing of products;
    • Organic Industrial Hemp for use in the production of fiber, rope, paper composites, food, plastic, fuel and other crude oil/ hydrocarbon substitutions.
  1. Then in November 2015 NIOSH returned to ‘Farmer Tom Organics’ and spent three more days in the collection and propagation of specific test data that would later be assembled into a Final CDC Report using on-site people and equipment in all phases of ‘Cannabis Harvest’ procedures from cutting down and ‘big leafing’ green plants, to shucking and trimming previously dried material.

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  1. Improving Cannabis Workplace Safety

    The Farmer is very proud to be working with The National Institute for Occupational Safety (NIOSH) to further improve the federal governments research into cannabis workplace safety and health.

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  2. Revolutionizing Cannabis

    Check out this amazing piece by Patricia Bennett at Dope Magazine about how Farmer Tom is revolutionizing cannabis.

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