1. Meet Farmer Tom

    Organic farmer, social activist, educator and a great friend to have!

  1. Revolutionizing Cannabis, One Fed At A Time

    Check out this amazing piece by Patricia Bennett in ope Magazine about how Farmer Tom is revolutionizing cannabis.

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  1. Farmer Tom making history again!

    Farmer Tom was a judge at the first ever US state fair to include marijuana.

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  1. A proud sponsor of the MJBA

    Farmer Tom is a proud national sponsor of the Marijuana Business Association.

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  1. Creating Cannabis Standards.

    FOCUS is a non profit entity that has been structured for the sole and exclusive purpose of developing accredited quality and safety standards for the legal cannabis industry.

    FOCUS acknowledges the contributions of the independent grower/farmers such as FARMER TOM and we're committed to supporting the continued efforts of this vast network of farmers who continue to be a vital part of the FUTURE of the Cannabis Industry and support FOCUS Standards and Certification!

  1. Farmer Tom Making History!

    Read the story of how the Feds are working with the Farmer.

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  1. Improving Cannabis Workplace Safety

    The Farmer is very proud to be working with The National Institute for Occupational Safety (NIOSH) to further improve the federal governments research into cannabis workplace safety and health.

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  1. Organic Cannabis

    Farmer Tom talking about organic cannabis with KGW.

  1. Preparing for growth.

    View this short video and get an inside scoop on how Farmer Tom get's ready for the a new season.

  1. #TodayWeFarm

    Become a part of the growing interest in medical marijuana farming by joining in on social media with the hashtag #TodayWeFarm.

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    Join Farmer Tom and thousands more in the movement to legalize medical marijuana across the nation!

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  1. Growing Classes Coming Soon

    Interested in growing for the marijuana industry? Contact the man who knows best and schedule personalized educational classes and workshops right on the farm!

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