1. Meet Farmer Tom Lauerman

    "The Trusted Face of Cannabis"

  1. Farmer Tom Opens His Heart & Home to the Feds

    After two-long-years as a Department of Justice vetted and Federal Government recognized ‘Organic Cannabis Farmer’ and nurturing on-going relationships with NIOSH Scientists, Farmer Tom has helped complete the recently released First Ever ‘Health Hazard Evaluation’ (HHE) report for the Cannabis Industry released and published on the Center For Disease Control’s (CDCs) website as of April 7, 2017.

    Farmer Tom is now the ONLY Federally recognized organic cannabis farmer in this great nation.

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  1. A proud sponsor of the MJBA

    Farmer Tom is a proud national sponsor of the Marijuana Business Association.

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  1. Billy Connolly Tracks across America

    Farmer Tom has been internationally recognized for his tireless crusade for cannabis and the small farmers across the country.

    He was recently featured on Billy Connolly’s ‘Tracks Across America’ which is still airing throughout Europe and the United States.

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  1. Farmer Tom Honest Cannabis
    (#FTHC) 0-100 Point System

    Farmer Tom Honest Cannabis #FTHC is a easy to understand and simple to use 0-100 point scoring system. Farmer Tom Lauerman is bringing #FTHC to the recreational market for a total transparent way of buying and understanding quality cannabis.

    Farmer Tom Honest Cannabis (#FTHC) system allows the customer to be able to easily identify the tell, tell signs of what makes quality cannabis. Look, feel, smell, and really use your own senses to know and tell the giveaways of good weed.

    "It's absolutely ridiculous watching folks buying their weed by a THC% score. That's like buying Everclear or a Malt Liquor and expecting great taste, because of the high alcohol content!?!? You can tell by yourself what makes a good flower just by taking the time to look closely at them, smell them, feel them, and you'll know. My score let's you know honest, quality cannabis."

    -Farmer Tom

  1. EXTRA! EXTRA! Farmer Tom in the news AGAIN!

    Farmer Tom talking about organic cannabis with KGW.

  1. Follow the Farmer

    The Farmer has been busy!

    Farmer Tom has teamed with Butte Creek Farms, TCDCO, CannaGuard, Cut & Dry, and 420 MOVING COMPANY to launch his Farmer Tom Honest Cannabis brand and bring you the highest quality craft cannabis products.

    Get the inside scoop from conventions to product launches to partnerships with the government and much more!

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  1. Farmer Tom has spent a lifetime teaching others.

    View this short video and get an inside scoop on how Farmer Tom get's ready for the a new season.